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Are you interested in becoming a part of our dynamic, dedicated and hard working team of seafood professionals? If so, please download our PDF application from the link below and mail it to our office.

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Job Opportunities
Looking for applications for all processing positions.

Seeking Experienced Fishmeal Operator
For Year Round Three man Rotation
Please send resume to

Chief Engineer Job Opening
Uninspected 3000 HP USCG Fishing Vessel License Required
Please send resume to

Catcher Processor Work Description
Thank you for inquiring about employment opportunities aboard our catcher processor. C/P Starbound takes pride in the quality people we hire to produce some of the finest product on the market. Anyone that can provide personal identification along with documentation of eligibility to work in the United States (work outside of the US may require a passport), that has excellent work references and can pass a drug screen may be considered for employment. Good health is a requirement for employment and continued employment. Periodic physicals are required.

The hiring process begins by accurately completing an application. Applications that are not completely filled out may not be considered for review. Background investigations are conducted, including but not limited to, social security verification, work authorization (INS), job history and criminal history.

The majority of openings on C/P Starbound are for seafood processing. Processors work on a production line in the factory to convert raw fish into a processed, high quality product ready for sale. Processing work requires stamina and the ability to perform repetitive tasks for extended periods of time. Although processors work with fish and fish products, they are not involved with catching fish and do not work on the deck during fishing operations.

Work on the C/P Starbound can be physically demanding, cold, wet and monotonous. Employees are required to strictly follow safety rules and procedures.

Employment contracts may be as long as four (4) months at a time. There are no guarantees of any number of hours worked or wages earned. Earnings are based on shares of the catch. Advances on settlements are issued approximately one week after each completed offload with settlements paid in full, less expenses and advances, approximately sixty days after each offload.

The vessel travels to remote areas with no regular mail service, no scheduled air service and limited telephone service.

Living and working areas are shared with other employees. There is little or no privacy and space is extremely limited.

Possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. The use of tobacco products is limited to breaks and designated areas.

Starbound employees are people of many nationalities, religions, and ages. Employees are expected and required to interact in a positive way.

Thank you for your interest in C/P Starbound. We keep applications on file for approximately ninety (90) days. If an employment position becomes available and your application is chosen, you will be contacted for an interview.

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