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Employment FAQ

Why should I choose the fishing industry as a career opportunity?
A career in the fishing industry offers financial and personal rewards unlike most other industries. Fishing trips away from home are always rewarded by time off to completely relax, enjoy your family, or time to travel. The financial rewards make it possible to enjoy that time off even more! While at work on the vessel, room and board are provided by the employer. There is also the comradeship of the crew while on board which will become your home away from home.

Why should I choose Aleutian Spray Fisheries as my employer?
Aleutian Spray Fisheries is a leader in the commercial fishing industry. As a family-operated business for over 40 years we are well known for quality products and high employee satisfaction. Aleutian Spray Fisheries is a financially successful company that has consistently adapted to changes in the market place.

How many and what types of fishing vessels are operated by Aleutian Spray Fisheries?
We operate one factory trawler and three freezer long liners which are all self-contained facilities capable of harvesting their own fish then processing the catch into one of our high quality seafood products within hours. As well as 3 catcher vessels that deliver to shore side facilities.

Where does the Aleutian Spray Fisheries Fleet fish?
The Bering Sea, and the waters off the Alaskan coast.

How long can I expect to be away from home and what are the working conditions onboard your vessels?
The work schedule is coordinated from our office in Seattle. Depending on the position, a person can expect to be out to sea for no more than four months. This rotation can be followed by at least one month off. Each vessel has complete cafeteria facilities that are well stocked and open 24 hours, laundry service is provided, rooms provided with comfortable sleeping quarters, and a ship store where you can purchase a very limited supply of basic items.

How much experience is required to work as a seafood processor?
The main requirement for a seafood processor is the ability to work at a fast pace in a factory assembly-line type environment. The work is easily learned and you will receive on-the-job training, so there are no specific requirements for experience or training when you start. It is helpful to have prior factory or manufacturing experience. A good seafood processor must have the physical ability and stamina to stand for long periods of time, ability to concentrate on very repetitious activity for long periods of time, and bring a positive attitude to a team effort.

What can I expect to earn as a seafood processor?
Aleutian Spray Fisheries employees are compensated on a crew share basis, meaning that all crewmembers are paid based on the value of production for the assigned vessel.

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