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The fishing fleet includes a mobile armada of freezer-longline and combination fishing vessels.

Carefully processed and quickly frozen or stored in refrigerated seawater,
Aleutian Spray Fisheries products are enjoyed by consumers around the world.

The firm participates in what are arguably the world's best managed fisheries. The Alaska Pollock and Cod Fisheries has been certified as sustainable by the London-based Marine Stewardship Council. This means that Aleutian Spray Fisheries seafood products are smart environmental choices for consumers.

Siberian sea

Vessel Name: F/V Siberian Sea  
Type of Vessel: Freezer Longliner  
Over All Length: 136.2'  
Breadth: 34'  
Draft: 14'  
ITC Gross Tonnage: 741  
ITC Net Tonnage: 427  
Harvested Species: Pacific Cod  

U.S. Liberator

Vessel Name: F/V US Liberator  
Type of Vessel: Freezer Longliner  
Over All Length: 161'  
Breadth: 34.5'  
Draft: 16.1'  
Gross Tonnage: 868  
Net Tonnage: 295  
Harvested Species: Pacific Cod  

Arctic Prowler

Vessel Name: F/V Arctic Prowler
Type of Vessel: Freezer Longliner
Over All Length: 136'
Breadth: 40'
Draft: 16.5' 
ITC Gross Tonnage: 967 
ITC Net Tonnage: 308
Harvested Species: Pacific Cod

Ocean Prowler

Vessel Name: F/V Ocean Prowler  
Type of Vessel: Fishing Vessel  
Over All Length: 154.75'  
Breadth: 29'  
Draft: 14.5'  
ICT Gross Tonnage: 733  
ITC Net Tonnage: 262  
Harvested Species: Pacific Cod  

Nordic star

Vessel Name: F/V Nordic Star
Type of Vessel: Combination Fishing Vessel
Over All Length: 123'
Breadth: 27.1'
Draft: 9.6'
ITC Gross Tonnage: 195.5
ITC Net Tonnage: 132
Harvested Species: Pollock, Pacific Cod

kiska sea

Vessel Name: F/V Kiska Sea  
Type of Vessel: Crab Vessel  
Over All Length: 124.8'  
Breadth: 34'  
Draft: 14'  
ITC Gross Tonnage: 195  
ITC Net Tonnage: 103  
Harvested Species: Crab 

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