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Thank you for inquiring about employment opportunities aboard our freezer Longliners; the Arctic Prowler, Siberian Sea, and US Liberator.  Our longliners are managed by Aleutian Longline, LLC which is an umbrella company under Aleutian Spray Fisheries, LLC.  Our vessels fish in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands.  We take pride in the quality of people we hire to produce some of the finest product on the market.  Anyone that is eligible to work in the United States with proof of proper documentation, work references, and can pass both a criminal background check and a drug screen may be considered for employment.  Good health is a requirement for employment as the jobs aboard our fishing vessels are strenuous, repetitive, and physically demanding for extended periods of time in cold, damp conditions up to 16 hours a day.


Current Open Positions


- Clean, scrap, trim and fillet product
 -Segregate product on conveyor belt or table according to grade, color    and size, placing product in containers or on designated conveyors
- Discard cull (inferior or defective) items and foreign matter
 -Pack product in boxes, totes or crates for storage or shipment
 - Operate machine(s) to move live or packed seafood from place to          place
Review workplace for cleanliness and safety
- Other duties as assigned


 - Must be able to work 12 - 16 hour shifts
 - Participates in all safety drills
 - Reports to Captain, Mate, Deckboss/Bosun
 - Handle lines to tie up vessel
 - Set and haul gear
- Inspect, repair, modify and inventory gear

- Other duties as assigned


- Must hold USCG issued license of 1600 tons or greater.
- Must be able to work 12 - 16 hour shifts

- Must be experienced in safe navigation, vessel transits, docking,         hauling and setting gear when Captain is off duty
- Participates and ensures drills and safety trainings are completed
- Must be familiar with government reporting, record maintenance     and compliance of maritime law
- Oversees daily job duties of crew
- Other duties as assigned

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Aleutian Spray Fisheries, Inc

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